What is Efey?

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Our Objective

European Foundation for Engaged Youth is looking for a partner organisation to submit a
project proposal and implement a project dedicated to young women acting as leaders in their
communities. The partner organisation should have extensive experience in supporting and
empowering (young) female leaders through aceess to resources, sharing best practices in
different sectors and industries, mentoring programmes or networking with inspirational women in
leadership positions.

  • Stronger recognition as an organisation dedicated to feminine leadership, both at national and European level, as one of the essential rules of leadership is ’to grow leaders’
  • High visibility, both on-line and off-line: the logo of the organisation will be permanently on the website, partnership promoted on social media, visual identity materials, press conferences etc. Te project would ensure an outreach to at least 5000 young leaders.
  • Invitation to attend, as speakers, the Conference on ’Access for young women to leadership positions’ which offers exposure to 200 relevant stakeholders in NGO, business and public institutions sectors, as their representatives will attend the final Conference of the project;
  • Invitation to nominate 1 trainer to be involved in the training-programme (paid)
  • Invitation to nominate an agreed number of mentors (senior female leaders) to participate in mentoring programme, mostly on-line. That would mean max. 2h/week for 6 months. A fee would be established.
  • Provide information on women access to resources and leadership positions in order to develop a comparative study between Romania and the partner country and further make recommendations to improve gender policies;
  • Attend a preparatory meeting, in Romania or in partner country, with all costs covered;
  • Recommend 1 trainer to be involved in mentoring programme for Romanian young leaders, available to attend 2 face-to-face training, in Romania, courses and to dedicate some time on-line to follow the progress of project direct beneficiary. All costs will be covered;
  • Invitation to nominate 1 trainer to be involved in the training-programme (paid)
  • Share best practices and contribute to raising awareness about the role and importance of investing in leadership skills of young women;
  • Provide access to a network of inspirational women in leadership positions that could share their stories and experiences, via email or on-line meetings, in order to empower Romanian young women in leadership positions;
  • Delegate 1 person on behalf of the organization to maintain communication with EFEY on this project. The position can be paid and is part-time.
  • aprox. 1 year, starting January 2015.
  • a partnership agreement that would be provided in due time, by EFEY, to be signed and stamped.

Project Details

The project aims at empowering young people, with a specific focus on young females, to
become active leaders of their communities, bringing inspiration and positive change to address
social needs in Romania

  • Create a community of 20 young female leaders aged 18 – 27 years old, active at local and regional level in Romania, in different parts of the country, both in urban and rural areas;
  • Implement a 6 months mentoring programme to empower 20 young female leaders by helping them to develope effective leadership skills.
  • Offering young female leaders access to quality information and networking in order to promote and find resources for their initiatives, at local level
  • Stimulate civic participation and address community needs by developing youth-led actions at local level
  • Raise awareness, at local and national level, on the importance of investing in young women as leaders of our communities and showing their potential in solving issues
  • Share experiences and best practices with international partners on the topic of young women empowerment
  • One community of young female leaders created at national level, with different and complementary interests, working to positively impact their communities
  • Implementing 20 small-scale activities at community leves, led by young women participating in the programme. The initiatives will tackle on issues identified by them, at community level, and will generally aim at stimulating civic involvement. The fields of action will vary, according to the local context.
  • One mentoring programme dedicated to young female leaders
  • 10 resource persons involved in the programme (e.g. senior leaders, inspirational women in leadership positions etc)
  • One strategic partnership developed between Romania – Norway civil society organisations
  • One national conference on the role of young women in community change
  • One study dedicated to young women: access to resources, basic rights and leadership positions
  • Raising public awareness and encouraging open debate on the role of young women in our societies: their rights and representation
  • Empowerment and strenghtening of self-confidence for young female leaders and further, of young leaders through multiplying effect, to make positive changes at community level
  • Direct positive impact at community level through initiatives led by young people


EFEY in partenrship with ………….. (partner organisation at international level) will carry a study to show the situation of young women in Romania, in terms of access to resources, basic rights and their representation in leadership positions, in different sectors (e.g. business, civil society, public institutions).
A call will be open at national level to select 20 young women with proven track experience as leaders at grass-root level, in their communities, and willing to improve their leadership skills and network in order to continue activities with positive positive impact at local level. The selection process will consider a balance among participants from rural and urban areas (preferably 50% – 50%), age, social and economic background, field of activity (e.g. social entrepreneurship, youth participation, enviroment activist, culture, education, human rights etc.), level of experience. They will also be selected on the basis of an initiative proposal that would be implemented in their community, during the mentoring phase, using inovative methods and community resources.

The profile of a young women part of the community will encompass the following minumum characteristincs:
  • Be aged 18-27 years old
  • Activate as a leader at community level, either in rural, small-urban areas or in big cities of Romania
  • Have proven track experience in addressing community issues and possibility to prove at least one personal initiative that positively impacted the community
  • Activate in an NGO or social entreprise that implements projects/activities with a positive impact at community level, especially stimulating civic involvement and public participation
  • Have experience in leadership positions (e.g. project coordinator, NGO leader/co-founder)
  • Have a clear professional goal, willing to further contribute to community development and a concrete proposal that would like to implement at local level in order to address a community need and to stimulate civic involvement
A complex pogramme will be offered to selected female participants, both tailored to their needs and making use of the resources of knowledge & networking that EFEY already has. The programme will have 3 main phases:
  1. Training course for emerging female leaders, focused on develiping both soft & hard skills, interacting with inspirational senior female leaders and enlarge their network. An assesment will be previously undertaken in order to identify their needs to improve management and leadership skills.
    Partener organisation will play an important role in sharing experiences and provide an experienced trainer.
  2. Mentoring programme – for a period of 6 months, young female leaders will go back in their communities, implementing their initiatives 1 and making use of the knowledge and skills aquired during the training course. During all this period, their mentors will be at their disposal to guide them, to empower them continually and to ensure them an on-line programme of personal development & leadership. Moreover, young participants will have access to a series of resource persons (e.g. senior leaders in their field, inspirational persons) and resource materiales (e.g. articles, books. etc) that could help them during all this mentoring period – it will be up to them how they make use of resource persons.
  3. Evaluation workshop – at the end of the mentoring programme and after implementing their initiatives, young leader participants will gather again for an evaluation workshop. During 5 days of work, will be evaluated the impact of the programme on their work – as community leaders – as well as the skills and knowledge aquired. Moreover, the community of young female leaders will work on a follow-up plan aiming at multiplying the effect of the programme in their communities and to empower other young leaders.
A national event will be organised to raise awareness among stakeholders on the power of young females as changemakers of our communities and to showcase successful stories.