Our Goals

We contribute to the sustainable development of Romania by investing in its most valuable resource, its youth. In its endeavor of supporting young people to become engaged citizens, our foundation creates a diverse set of events, activities, and programs.


EFEY develops programs centered on five main priority areas: Education and Skills, Community Involvement, Human Rights, Environment, Arts, and Culture.

The lack of coordination between the knowledge and skills gained through formal education systems and the needs existing in the labor market is one of the leading causes of youth unemployment. Departing from the assumption that education and skills training is critical to developing a young personís productive and responsible life, EFEY aims to equip the youth for a better competitive economy.



EFEY encourages youth to commit to democratic values and actively develop their local communities, as well as their nation. We start by raising awareness, continue with volunteering, nurturing the fledgling civil society of Romania. All our activities aim to promote and support our youth into becoming active and responsible citizens.



The promotion and preservation of human rights is a prerequisite to the healthy development of our societies in an increasingly globalized context.


By developing a generation of young people educated in ethics and social justice, we inspire youth to enhance their knowledge, acceptance, and practice of diversity and human rights. We contribute to the sustainability of society and youth development by teaching self-determination, communication, and problem-solving. These are skills that we influenced by youth participation in human rights preservation experiences.


Given the importance of a sustainable and healthy environment to national development, EFEY recognizes the role of the youth in ensuring good environmental practices. Achieving this outcome requires that young people are provided with adequate knowledge and information on environmental issues to help them understand the countryís biodiversity. Young people must be aware of the best practices to protect the environment to protect it better.


Arts and Culture reflect as well as inspire the lives of our people. It is an essential vehicle for appreciating and understanding the heritage. It represents a sense of identity, self-respect, and the medium through which generations learn and transfer advanced skills, techniques of social relations, and survival. EFEY aims to enable young people to understand and embrace their national and European cultural heritage through its projects.


About us

Sorana Baciu


Sorana Baciu is an independent director and international consultant with extensive expertise in policy formulation, strategy development, change management, and corporate governance, over 20 years in senior positions in the private and public fields. As Managing Partner of consulting company Acgenio, her expertise is regularly sought out by international institutions such as the World Bank and EBRD.

In the last ten years, Sorana has been actively promoting corporate governance standards in both public and private businesses in Romania and the CEE region. Since September 2017, she has been the president of the Association of Independent Administrators in Romania, whose mission is to promote corporate governance for business excellence, and a member of the Board of ecoDa (European Confederation of Directors Associations) since May 2019.


Simona Nicolaescu



An atypical psychotherapist, Simona first went through all the experiences: businessperson and employee of a multinational corporation and a mother and wife. She then started working as a psychotherapist, coming with a targeted approach so that her patients grow and improve their lives on their terms.

She experienced a wide array of difficulties throughout her life, ranging from burnout to depression, and thus knows the challenges of reconciling the professional side of life with the personal. Yet, she knows that it is possible to find a balance and even to thrive in the dynamic world of today. She co-founded EFEY to share her experiences with young people and put them in good stead.