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Wishing to contribute to the sustainable development of Romania by investing in its most valuable resource, the youth, EFEY develops programs centered on five main priority areas: Education and Skills, Community Involvement, Human Rights, Environment, Arts and Culture.

Education and Skills
The lack of coordination between the knowledge and skills gained by youth through formal education systems and the needs existing on the labour market is often identified as one of the main causes for youth unemployment. Departing from the assumption that education and skills training are critical to the development of a young person’s productive and responsible life, EFEY aims at better equipping the youth for nowadays competitive economy.

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Community Involvement
In its endeavor of supporting young people to become engaged citizens, EFEY encourages the youth to commit to the democratic values and to play an active role in the development of their local communities, nations and regions. Starting with awareness raising and continuing with volunteerism encouragement and support, and civic engagement promotion, all the activities EFEY develops under the Community Involvement priority area purport to support the youth into becoming active and responsible citizens.


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Human Rights
The promotion and preservation of human rights is a prerequisite of the healthy development of our societies in an increasingly globalized context. By aiming to contribute to developing a generation of young people educated in the spirit of ethics, social justice and tolerance and by inspiring the youth to enhance their knowledge, acceptance and practice of diversity and human rights, EFEY contributes both to the sustainability of the society and to youth development. Self-determination, communication, and problem-solving are just some of the skills that can be positively influenced by youth participation in human rights preservation experiences.

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In view of the importance of a sustainable and healthy environment to national development, EFEY recognizes the role of the youth in ensuring good environmental practices. This requires that young people are provided with adequate knowledge and information on environmental issues to help them understand the country’s biodiversity. For adequately appreciating and protecting the environment, young people need to be made aware of the best practices available in terms of environmental protection and to be encouraged to adopt the same responsible behavior in their every-day life.

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Arts and Cultural Awareness
Arts and Culture depicts the life of a people. It is an important vehicle for appreciating and understanding the heritage of the people. It represents a sense of identity, self-respect, and the medium through which generations learn and transfer progressive skills, techniques of social relations, and survival. Through its projects, EFEY aims to enable young people to understand and to embrace their national and European cultural heritage.

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