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Do you believe change ought to happen in the name of the advancement of our society? Are you concerned with your future and with your children’s development perspectives? Do you often feel that there is something you can do for improving the situation of the less fortunate young people? Do you agree the young generation needs solid moral compasses and compelling value systems? Do accept the youth should be empowered to consciously take on their roles as engaged citizens? If any of these questions made you invest 3 seconds of your time into considering a positive answer, 

YOU are our donor! 




We believe there is no greater gift that one person can offer to another than the gift of trust. At EFFEY, we invest the youth with our trust. Many young people in Romania are being affected by limited access to resources, distrust, lack of information and of self-confidence. Today, the young generation, the possible leaders of tomorrow, face social exclusion. We focus our efforts towards addressing these issues and supporting young people to be self-confident happy, healthy, and engaged citizens.Trust us, support us, and believe in your power of contributing to youth development!

How to invest your trust:
1.Donate online: With a simple click you can place a donation by using Pay Pal.
2.Donate by e-mail: In three simple steps, you can be our donor. Print our donation form, fill it in and send it back to us by e-mail at, or by post at Blvd. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 7, Corp A, et. 1, 061072 Bucharest, Sector 6. Donate Form 
3.Donate by phone: Call us at +(4) 021 335 50 83, or at +(4) 0724 088 400. We will answer any of your questions and we will lead you through the donation process.
4.Donate by bank transfer: You can donate any amount you wish directly into our account (RO37MILB0000000003599510) open at Millenium Bank. 
5.Donate 2% of your annual income tax by filling in the appropriate form 200 or 230 and by submitting it either in person or via regular mail to your Financial Administration. Form 200 Form 230

With your help, with your trust and contribution, we can develop programs meant to enable each Romanian young citizen to acquire, share and transfer knowledge, expertise, and experience and to empower and actively involve the youth in productive, innovative and creative activities for individual, community, and national development. Your support helps us boost youth engagement and their personal and professional achievement. Your investment today is your trust in us and in the young generation.

Donation benefits


Donating is caring for a cause. Investing us with your trust and contribution is becoming our partner. As partner, you will:
  • Be able to choose the destination of your investment by selecting the EFEY priority area or the specific program that you believe best serves the youth needs.
  • Be sure about the value of your investment. At EFEY we value your trust and promise transparency in all our endeavors. Ever since its setting up, EFEY took on a pledge for accountability by engaging to inform each donor of the results of their contribution, to make public the financial statements of the organization and not to direct more than 20% of all revenues toward general administration.
  • Be engaged in the activities of our organization. Provided you offer us your contact details, we will keep you up to date with the evolution of our programs and the results achieved.
  • Be part of our community of donors and set a best-practice example for other citizens.
  • Earn a sense of personal satisfaction by committing to a cause directed towards the future.

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