Volunteer with us! Bring your enthusiasm, initiative and energy and help us support youth development. Let us inspire the young generation together!


Our volunteers

Volunteerism makes the world go round! Your world, theirs, ours. Volunteering you can discover your true self. Our colleague, Stefan, begun as a volunteer and he vouches for volunteerism’s results on self-development:

Volunteering is a journey that begins in altruistic dedication and ends in self-discovery. The people that we work with in solving the issues of society are also the ones who help us work our personal issues. The people that we set out to help will help us discover new layers of our inner being.



Free will, energy, time investment, initiative and enthusiasm in carrying out an activity to the benefit of the society or of the others without demanding financial reward make the volunteering formula. Because of its role as a tool for societal development and personal advancement, volunteering –and youth volunteering, in particular—constitute one of EYEY’s priority areas. We are committed in stimulating and supporting volunteering and volunteerism among youth.

Nevertheless, at EFEY we are convinced that the youth need role models who work towards achieving the same values they aim to instill in the young generation. For this reason, in all our activities we welcome volunteers of all ages, who adhere to EFEY’s mission and values and who are determined to contribute in stimulating a generation of engaged youth contributing to a democratic society and economic prosperity.



Volunteer's Benefits

Should one be asked to identify the main reasons for volunteering, two would be the directions named by any individual: the social and the personal reasons. Raging from specific problems of certain people in definite areas to national, European and even world-wide cohesion and human rights promotion, the social reasons for volunteering are the ones exterior to the volunteers, but constitute, nevertheless, matters of concern for them. By observing that certain social aspects can represent issues and by deciding to act upon these problems individually or by adhering to an organization, volunteers already take a step towards the personal reasons for volunteering. From satisfying a personal altruistic goal, such as wanting to produce change or wanting to help others, to cynically pursuing a career advancement or networking opportunity through volunteering, the personal reasons for acting as volunteers vary considerably.

At EFEY, we need and we would appreciate your involvement as a volunteer. As long as you can identify yourself with our mission, we warmly welcome you into our team of professionals. With us you are encouraged to find your voice and your own answer to “why volunteering?”

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