Virtual school

The virtual school of Romanians abroad

citeste in romana

Preserving and expressing the ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious identity of Romanians is an objective of the Romanian foreign policy and a necessity of the global realities.

This project provides Romanian organizations abroad the tools to communicate useful information to young Romanians abroad.


1.Developing an online platform through which at least 50 organizations developing projects supporting Romanians abroad will organize webinars for Romanian youth abroad.

2.Training representatives of organizations developing projects to support Romanians abroad on how to use the virtual platform, the online marketing means, and social media for preserving the national identity.

3.Promoting the project aim and results among at least 300 NGOs.

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Target Group: representatives of at least 50 organizations developing projects supporting Romanians abroad

Duration: 4 months

Budget: 45.000 lei


The Arts and Cultural Awareness priority aims to enable young people to understand and to embrace their national and European cultural heritage. Accordingly, EFEY will promote youth participation in arts and culture for national integration and cohesion through projects that are expected to:
  • stimulate youth creativity and encourage the youth to express themselves through art;
  • inspire the youth to connect with the values of art and culture;
  • involve the youth in attending and developing local, national, regional and European arts and culture festivals;
  • promote youth participation in Arts and Culture;
  • facilitate the transfer of cultural values through traditional socialization structures;
  • enhance intergenerational and intercultural dialogue and appreciation for cultural heritage and diversity.