Environment projects coming soon

At the moment, there are no ongoing projects for this section. We will be back shortly with new initiatives that EFEY develops to support young people to be engaged citizens.

In the meanwhile, please follow our present projects.


The Environment priority points towards capacitating the youth for adequately appreciating and protecting the environment. The projects EFEY runs under the Environment priority are expected to:
  • make the youth active participants in the protection, preservation, and improvement of the environment;
  • empower the youth in preserving the environment and in engaging local, regional and national communities in the environment preservation efforts;
  • enable young people to acquire adequate knowledge and information on environmental issues to help them respect and preserve the environment;
  • provide alternative livelihood programs for the youth who engage in negative practices that affect the environment;
  • involve young people whose ideas and activities ensure better understanding, appreciation and preservation of their local environment in mobilizing actions within their generation;
  • promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle among the youth and their respective communities.