Human Rights projects comming soon

At the moment, there are no ongoing projects for this section. We will be back shortly with new initiatives that EFEY develops to support young people to be engaged citizens.

In the meanwhile, please follow our present projects.

Human Rights
The goal of Human Rights priority is to instill understanding, appreciation, respect and preservation of human rights among youth and to contribute to educating the Romanian young people in the spirit of ethics, social justice and diversity. The programs EFEY develops under the Human Rights priority are expected to:
  • mobilize the youth in gathering adequate information about human rights so that they will be able to respect, protect and fulfill these rights;
  • enable the youth to understand human rights—particularly, cultural, economic and social rights—and diversity;
  • promote the values of respect and diversity among the youth;
  • inspire the youth to become leaders and advocates for tolerance and peace;
  • instill the youth with moral values and preparing them to engage in positive development activities;
  • contribute to the creation of a new global youth citizenry, equipped with the knowledge and skills for reducing intra and cross boundaries cultural, economic and social disparities.